SCABIOSA caucasica Perfecta Alba Perennial Plant


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Often called pincushions flowers, the scabiosa is a beautiful plant that brings a traditional look into your space. The elegant white flowerheads look like something you see on fine pottery and sit on top of long, slender stems that disappear into a bush of simple elongated leaves. The petals of this flower work elegantly alongside the foliage to create an understated display that will fill your garden colour from July to September. These are an easy-to-look-after plant that requires very little care and will attract butterflies and other pollinators into your space, giving you great results for minimal effort.

How to grow Scabiosa plants
Plant your scabiosa in well-draining soil treated with well-rotted manure or compost. Try to find a location that receives full sun throughout the day. Normal rainfall is usually enough to meet the plant's needs, but water the plant in drought or hot conditions to keep the soil damp. This plant species require very little other maintenance and should not be fertilized as it may damage the root system. Deadhead spent flowers as necessary to keep the plant flowering. You should also prune regularly, making sure to cut back just above the leaf joint, or you can cut right back to ground level if you feel it is necessary.
This SCABIOSA caucasica Perfecta Alba comes in a 9cm Pot