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Your seasonal outdoor plant collection includes

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✔️ 8 or 16 plants per delivery (you choose)

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✔️ Plant ID, care, and planting up guides

You don't have to know what you're doing - we take all the guesswork out of the equation.

✔️ Lovingly curated, seasonally-appropriate plant collection

Yes, even in winter. It is possible to have beautiful plants all year round, you just have to have a little know-how to ensure beautiful blooms all year round. Our team source the most beautiful and easy-care outdoor plants all year round.

✔️ FREE courier delivery within the UK mainland

We deliver all our plants with DPD, who have a first-time delivery success rate of over 99%. All deliveries are contactless and trackable.*

*While we're sure they're very nice, we can't promise that all our couriers are quite as adorable as our lovely colleague Ally here.

✔️ Plant joy that lasts for months

All our outdoor plant collections are designed to provide a blast of bright, seasonal colour for up to three months. We send a mixture of perennial and annual plants, so many of the plants will come back year after year.

✔️ FREE gardening gloves

Our subscribers are our absolute favourite people, so we like to treat you well. You'll find a free gardening gift in your subscription delivery every month. For April, we're sending all our subscribers FREE gardening gloves.

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What you receive

🌱 One box of beautiful, premium quality plants, directly to your door, at the interval of your choice
🌱 Plant pots are 9-10.5cm diameter, plants are up to 30cm high
🌱 Plant ID guide, plant care guide, and planting up guide
🌱 30-day plant guarantee
🌱 FREE courier delivery within the UK mainland
🌱 Cancel any time

Beautiful easy-care plants for your outdoor space

Our outdoor plant collections are designed for gardeners and non-gardeners alike. We carefully select plants that go together, and thrive in a wide range of conditions. We always aim to surprise and delight, and hopefully will be able to introduce you to some plants that you aren't so familiar with too!

So many of us these days are gardening in small spaces: we've designed every outdoor plant collection to perfectly fit balcony container gardens and window boxes, but of course all the plants we send you grow beautifully when planted directly into the ground too.

Our subscriptions are designed for busy people who crave a closer connection to nature, who don't have the time to research all the plant varieties that they love and learn what grows well together. We take all the hassle out of plant shopping and bring a beautiful bunch to your door every 1, 2 or 3 months.

Plants for pollinators

Bee and pollinator populations are in decline, in part due to reduction in habitats and availability of flowering plants. By planting pollinator plants in your outdoor space, you're doing your bit to reduce that decline.

We are committed to always including pollinator plants in our outdoor plant subscriptions. Business can be a force for good in the world: we want to prove this and this step is just the beginning.

30-day plant guarantee

We're so confident in the quality of our plants that we will replace or refund any plants that don't make it past the first 30 days in your home.

Recycled and recyclable

We ship all our plants in packaging that is 100% recycled and recyclable.
We always aim to work with growers with excellent sustainability credentials.

Best in class delivery

Shipping plants by post is hard. Plants are fragile, they require controlled atmospheric conditions. We transport all our plants by 24-hour courier with our delivery partner, DPD. Over 99% of our parcels are successfully delivered, contactlessly, on the first attempt, no signature needed.

My personal guarantee to you

My name is Claire, and I'm the founder of Lazy Flora. As a lover of beauty and nature, and a huge fan of subscription boxes, I started this business from my balcony in 2017. Lazy Flora is truly a passion project, run by a team who is immensely proud of what we are building. We all want you to love what we do as much as we do. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your Lazy Flora delivery, please let us know and we will always make it right. You can email us any time on help@lazyflora.com.

Outdoor plants FAQs

When will I get my first delivery?

We deliver your plants as soon as you sign up and usually need just 48 hours to ship your order to you. Delivery days are Tuesday-Thursday, or Wednesday-Thursday on bank holiday weeks.

Check our shipping schedule to see when your future deliveries will be sent to you.

Is there a guarantee on the plants?

Yes! We're so confident in the quality of our plants that we will replace or refund any plants that don't make it past the first 30 days in your home.

Can I pause my subscription or skip a month?

Yes. You can use your Lazy Flora account to skip a month if you are planning to be away, or drop us a line at help@lazyflora.com if you prefer a different delivery date to the one listed.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver across the UK and use DPD as our preferred carrier.

How long will the plants last?

Lazy Flora outdoor plant collections are designed to last for up to three months, although some will last longer and some may be a little shorter than this. We include a mix of perennials which means they will come into bloom year after year and some annuals which means they will last for just a year. With the annuals, this means you can replace and introduce new plants into your design from your new deliveries!

Are the plants easy to look after?

At Lazy Flora we want to make gardening as easy as possible for you while still delivering beautiful and noteworthy plants. The majority of our plants are more on the low-maintenance side which helps if you’re super busy and don’t have much time. Some of our plants will require more attention than others, but we will always give you a detailed care guide so you know exactly how to care for each one.

I have a reputation for killing plants. Is Lazy Flora for me?

Lazy Flora is great for complete beginners, as well as those looking to improve their gardening skills, and the gardening novice. It’s also great for those with more advanced plant knowledge, but who are short of time, or who find it hard to get to a garden centre.

We prepare plant care guides for every single plant we send out, and planting up guides, which describe what conditions the plant best thrives in and also covers watering, humidity, flowering, etc. You might have a specific question about your plant and we have a team of gardening gurus on hand ready to help. We also have lots of blog posts about the plants we send to you and other information that you might find useful on our website.

Are the outdoor plants delivered in a planter?

No – we ship the outdoor plants in small, usually plastic, pots that you will need to then plant up into a container or directly into the ground. We have a limited range of planters available to buy on our site.

Are your plants pet-friendly?

Pets are a big part of our lives here at Lazy Flora, but unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that our Outdoor plant collections are pet friendly. We do mark all pet friendly plants on our information leaflets when the plants are delivered. We do offer pet-friendly Indoor plant subscriptions. If that’s very important to you, go check them out!

My outdoor space gets a lot of direct sunlight/never gets any sunlight/is super windy, is Lazy Flora for me?

All our Lazy Flora outdoor plants are designed to live in the widest extremes of situations possible. In all situations, you do have to use your judgement in order to best care for the plants. If it looks as though your plants are getting damaged from being blown around by a strong wind, you might like to try moving them to a more sheltered location, if you have one. If your balcony is a sun trap, you will need to water them more often.

How long does it take to plant up my Lazy Flora outdoor plants?

For a complete newbie gardener, we think it will take about 25 minutes from opening the box to a fabulous Instagram-ready moment.

We’re not talking 15-minute meal timings that only work if you’re a professional chef*.

Our highly scientific tests have shown that it takes 20 minutes for a total non-gardener to plant up a large balcony box container, and have rounded up to25 minutes in case you get a phone call in the middle, or in case your cat/puppy/toddler decides to help.

*Disclaimer: we LOVE 15-minute meals books from celebrity chefs: this is just a joke that we think our very cool Lazy Flora customers will get.

Where are your plants grown?

We source the majority of our plants from The Netherlands and the UK.

Do you deliver plants all year round?

Yes we do! Just because the weather is cold and wet in autumn and winter it doesn’t mean that mother-nature hasn’t got some amazing treasures up her sleeve! We seek out the absolute best of every season and deliver a unique and uplifting outdoor garden collection every week of the year.

How soon after receiving my delivery do I need to plant the plants?

Plants are living things and will die if they are too hot, too cold, or if they don’t get enough water. Plants hate being transported and don’t do well in packaging for long, so it’s really important that you plant up your plants as soon as possible after receiving them. We’re talking a maximum of 24 hours in the packaging after you’ve received your delivery.

If you aren’t able to plant up the outdoor plants within 24 hours, that’s OK, but it’s important that you water your new plants within 24 hours of having received them. Plants in small plant pots dry out extremely quickly – much quicker than plants that are in a container garden – so it’s really important that you do this as soon as you can.