SEDUM telephium Matrona Perennial Plant


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Forming dense, semi-evergreen cushions of light orange, star-shaped flowers underpinned by a tangle of beautiful Smokey-grey foliage, the Sedum ‘Sunsparkler Dazzleberry ’ adds a touch of drama and flair to your space. This low-maintenance, hardy perennial is ideal for a cottage garden with a twist, rockery or ground cover where its carpets of colour will fill space with fantastic colour between July and September. In the winter months, when the flowers have died back, your display will change to a beautiful mix of dark foliage. Their colour will contrast and compliment a winter colour palette making this the ideal plant for adding year-round colouring to your space that changes with the seasons.

How to look after Sedum Plants?
Plant in a full-sun location with well-draining chalk, sand or loam soil. The Sedum is very low maintenance and will only need light watering once a fortnight once established. If there has been no recent rain, keep the soil moist but not wet and avoid feeding with fertiliser. After flowering, cut back the plants to maintain their shape or contain them in one area or for added winter interest. Leave the flowers of upright Sedum alone after they bloom, and they will form attractive seed heads.

Are Sedums invasive?
No, Sedum plants are not invasive. Whilst they are a fast-growing plant, their roots are shallow, so they can be lifted and moved very quickly.

How do I care for my Sedum during winter?
The Sedum is a hardy succulent plant that can easily handle the British winter. They store water in their leaves, making them an excellent plant for surviving most weathers without any extra care. Many people find the winter Sedum a beautiful plant, so pruning in the autumn is optional and only needs to be done to control the shape. Pruning Sedum is easy, just cut the stalk back past the new growth (or back to the ground for upright varieties) and leave it to regrow by itself.
This SEDUM telephium Matrona comes in a 9cm Pot