Sphagnum Moss 2.5ltr


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Sphagnum Moss is a fantastic organic multi-use soil additive that helps you retain moisture in both your potted plants and hanging baskets. Harvested from wetlands and bogs in the Northern Hemisphere, this moss is dried and is then ready to use to enrich and aerate your plants soil. This moss is most commonly used to line hanging baskets where its long fibres create a lining that helps the soil to drain, but retain enough moisture for your plant to thrive. It is also the ideal material for germinating seeds and as part of the planting medium for orchids. Sphagnum moss also has a neutral pH level which makes them ideal for terrariums and plants that thrive in neutral soil. With so many wonderful uses, this moss is the ideal choice for solving many of your gardening problems.

Sphagnum Moss 2.5ltr Houseplant Substrates