Spinach Perpetual Organic 10 x 3cm Vegetable Plug Plants


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Spinach is one of the healthiest vegetables you can grow at home. Packed full of iron and potassium it is a great addition to the diet and the dinner table. The small green leaves have a mildly sweet taste when raw that becomes slightly more acidic when cooked. Spinach makes a wonderful addition to salads or when paired with its traditional partner, ricotta.

How to grow spinach at home

Spinach can be grown in an allotment or in a small garden in a container. Whatever method you choose, you should grow your spinach in a well-draining soil in a partially shaded location. Water your crop well to keep the soil moist, but not wet. When the weather gets hot, it may be worth setting up temporary shade as the leaves can burn easily, and if given too much light the plant will begin to seed and become inedible.

How do you harvest spinach?

Spinach is ready to harvest about 6-10 weeks after planting. You should wait until the leaves are about the size of your palm as smaller leaves may be more bitter. To harvest your spinach, pick the leaves and a few inches of the stem using your hand or shears. Leave the base of the plant intact to encourage new growth.

What are plug plants?

Plug plants are very young plants that come ready to go in the ground. They are grown in single units in modular trays and be either seedlings or cuttings. Buying plug plants lets you fill your beds and borders easily, and in a way that is stress-free for your plant since it allows for little root disturbance.

How do you plant a plug plant?

When you first get your plant home, remove any packaging except for the pot. Place the plant in a warm and sunny space for 2-4 hours to let them recover and acclimatise. You should try to plant your plug the same day if you can. To do this, dig a hole in your desired place that is slightly larger than the root ball and soil around it and put the plug inside. Cover with the existing earth and press down lightly. Water well for the first week to help the plant establish itself and feed with an all-purpose feed after 3 weeks.

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