Spring bulb lasagne kit

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Make a bulb lasagne with our spring bulb lasagne kit!
Perfect for planting right now in Autumn, for an amazing display in spring 2021!
Plant layers of bulbs at different heights and watch them sprout at different times next spring. You get a long-lasting ongoing display of beautiful flowers right when you need it the most.
It's called a lasagne because you plant the bulbs in layers, separated with compost, kind of like making a lasagne (just don't try and eat it...).
If you haven't planted bulbs before, don't worry, we supply all the information you'll need to get started, as well as care information to maximize your blooms!

Ingredients (this is what you get in one of our kits)
10x Daffodil bulbs
10x Tulip bulbs
3x Hyacinth bulbs
Planting instructions and care information.
Optional 20L potting mix and hessian sack planter
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