STACHYS lanata (byzantina) Perennial Plant


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This carpeting evergreen perennial sees thick, oblong frosty green leaves growing up with thick wool-white stems. Small flowers grow between the leaf clusters to create a frosted-looking spike of colour and texture that brings a contemporary and wild look into the garden. Suitable for a flower border, edging, gravel gardens and underplanting for roses, this Stachys is a versatile and beautiful-looking plant.

How to grow Stachys
Plant in well-draining soil in the full sun. Treat the ground lightly with a fertilizer or plant food before planting for the best results. Water lightly to keep the soil damp but not wet. Remove the flowers regularly to prolong the plant's life and lengthen the flowering period. Keep n eye on slugs and caterpillars as they are attracted to this plant, and look carefully for powdery mildews
This STACHYS lanata (byzantina) comes in a 9cm Pot