Tayberry (Rubus hybrid) Fruit Bush 3ltr Pot


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About Tayberry

A thornfree strain of this vigorous blackberry/ raspberry hybrid. High yields of juicy, sweet, aromatic berries that can be twice the weight of a large raspberry. Consistently higher yielding than Loganberry, the long conical fruit is best picked when deep purple-red in colour. Excellent for jam making, puddings, freezing and eating fresh of the bush.The stout thorn free stems require permanent support so train against a wall or fence. Self fertile.

  • Self fertile
  • Planting Distance 1.5m apart
  • Height & Spread 1.8m x 1.5m
  • Crops July/ August

A crossbreeding of the blackberry and red raspberry, the tayberry is an early fruiting (July to August), attractive fruit bush that looks great and produces beautiful, sweet fruit. The serrated green leaves of this bush form a rugged clump of foliage that supports small clusters of large, firm red fruit. The tayberry is sweeter and juicier than the blackberry or raspberry with a hybrid flavour that needs to be tried. It goes perfectly with porridge or yogurt in a healthy breakfast, blended with other fruit as part as a smoothie or eaten on their own. Why not crush the berries up in a bowl and mix with gin and soda water for a refreshing cocktail. This semi-evergreen fruit bush is a spineless variety which makes it easier to handle and safer around children and animals.

How to look after tayberry

Place in a sunny location and water regularly so that the soil is moist, but not wet. This plant likes to climb so it is easily planted under a trellis or plant support to create a space filling and beautiful display. Make sure you prune any brown or discoloured leaves, and watch check the eaves regularly for caterpillars.

When do I harvest tayberry?

Between May and June your plant will produce small white flowers. After a few weeks these will fall off to leave the early fruit that will turn from green to red and eventually black. When the fruit has turned red harvest by twisting the berry from the stem. Once picked, the tayberry will only last for about a day so only pick when needed.

How do you store tayberry fruits?

Once picked a tayberry will not last long. If you want to preserve your fruits for longer you can either blend the fruits into a thick juice which you can freeze or freeze whole fruits in an airtight bag.

How to look after your tayberry bush

Plant your tayberry in a sunny spot that is well-sheltered from cold winds. The soil should be well-draining, and full of organic matter, so mulch and manure sandy or clay soils. Make sure to provide a cane or trellis for the plant to climb up. Around mid-spring feed with a high potassium liquid feed to get the best fruits.

How often should I water my tayberry?

Young plants should be watered well at least once a week to keep the soil moist, but not wet. Once established you can decrease the frequency of watering, but you will get better fruits if the frequency is kept up.

How do you prune a tayberry bush?

These vigorous growing fruits need to be pruned regularly if you want the best fruits. Regularly tie in new shoots, and then all side-shoots in the winter. In the second year after planting the plant will produce new canes. To support these, tie loosely to canes or to a trellis.

Tayberry (Rubus hybrid) Fruit Bush 3ltr Pot Fruit