TEUCRIUM Chamaedrys Perennial Plants


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This evergreen perennial produces woody stems with small deep green leaves, perfect for lining a pathway or fronting a border. When disturbed, the foliage emits a spicy aroma. From mid-summer, clusters of small, lipped light pink flowers grow towards the top of the stems. This display looks great in most design schemes, especially in a cottage or coastal garden.
Where to grow Teucrium
Plant in a sunny position with well-draining soil. Keep the space free from strong, cold drafts.
How to grow Teucrium
Water enough to keep the soil moist but not wet, changing frequency as the weather changes. Fertilise with a diluted liquid feed once a fortnight in the summer and spring. In autumn, much around the base and trim away any dead foliage to allow new growth in spring.
This TEUCRIUM chamaedrys comes in a 9cm Pot

TEUCRIUM chamaedrys 9cm Pot Perennials