Thalictrum Thundercloud 3ltr


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This tall, delicate perennial is the ideal plant for filling the gaps in shaded borders or wildflower/cottage gardens. Their delicate, herby foliage is a useful backdrop for shorter perennials and forms a delicate, light-green bush that sits under larger stems. At the top of each stem sits a pillowy sphere of long lilac petals that bloom from July to September.
This upright perennial plant grows naturally in temperate regions around the world and can be found throughout the northern hemisphere and in some areas of Southern Africa. There are between 120 and 200 species known, and most are called by the common name of ‘Meadow-rue’.

Where to grow Thalictrum plants?

The Thalictrum is a hardy perennial that thrives in a partially shaded space at the back or middle of a garden border. Choose a location will a clay or heavy soil that will allow the roots to easily establish themselves.

How to grow Thalictrum plants?

The Thalictrum is an easy to grow and low maintenance plant that is quick to establish itself in the garden. When first planted, water well until established. Treat the soil with a light layer of mulch and fertilizer in the spring to help the soil maintain moisture. In the Autumn, cut the plant back to ground level to ensure healthy growth the following spring. Water the plant well when the top level of the soil has become dry. Water until the soil is damp but not wet. Tall will varieties need staking if in an exposed area to stop the stems breaking or damaging the plant.

How tall can a Thalictrum plant grow?

The eventual height of your Thalictrum will depend on the variety, but you can expect your plant to grow between 1.2 and 1.5 meters high.

Is Thalictrum toxic?

The Thalictrum is not toxic to humans or most wildlife but is mildly toxic to dogs. Make sure you plant your flower out of easy reach of pets. When around Thalictrum plants you should supervise your pet at all times, and take them to the vet immediately if they ingest any part of the plant.

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