@ThePlantRescuer Rescue Box (Rare plants)


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At Plants for all Seasons, we take sustainability seriously. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and uses recycled material, however imperfect plants are often composted as they need TLC to get back to their best.

We've partnered with Sarah Gerrard Jones @Theplantrescuer to give these plants a home through the introduction of our Plant Rescue Boxes.

There are 4 boxes to choose from..

  • Houseplant Box £15
  • Rare Houseplant Box £45
  • Outdoor Plants £15
  • Baby Plants £10

Each box will contain multiple plants that would otherwise be composted. Each plant will have some form of issue which could be cosmetic damage, cut leaves, pest damage, cold issues but is recoverable through some TLC.

The exact number & size of plants will vary day by day, but will always exceed their normal retail price by at least double. As an example, some days we may have a few larger plants for the rescue boxes, and other days it may be made up of lots of smaller plants.

Important note. These are plant rescue boxes and are non refundable.