Thyme 3 x 9cm Organic Herb Plug Plants


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Thyme is one of the most popular herbs used in traditional British cooking. A popular way to flavour fish, soups and stuffing this herb is a must have not only for its taste but great scent. This easy to grow herb produces small woody stems that grow upright and produce tiny leaves up the length. Thyme can be grown directly in the ground or in a container in a well-draining, gritty or sandy soil that receives full sun. Try to shelter the plant from cold winds that will shorten the life of this Mediterranean herb. This is a drought loving plant that thrives better being underwatered than overwatered. Avoid feeding your plant any feed or fertilizer. Once the plant flowers, trim the stems back to promote new growth. Without trimming, the plant will become woody and inedible after a few years.

How do I harvest thyme?

As an evergreen perennial you can pick the leaves at any tie in the year. To harvest, simply snip off the needed stems as close to when you need them as possible.

How to store thyme

Thyme will dry very well in a low oven, but fresh thyme is best preserved if infused with oil of mixed into butter which you can freeze into blocks for use whenever you want.

Thyme 3 x 9cm Organic Herb Plug Plants Herbs