TIARELLA wherryi Perennial Plant


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Small, starlike mixed flowers sit in a rough cone on slender, wiry stems above long and jagged foliage to create a beautiful display of this distinctive Tiarella plant. The neat mounds formed by the delicate palmate leaves give the garden an ever-changing display of colour depending on where you place it, turning bronze with more sun and black with less. This allows you to use the plant in a way that will suit your garden scheme any way you want. This hardy perennial is happy in both borders and containers, where they are fantastic weed suppressors and ground cover plants. This is an easy-to-grow perennial that is suitable for beginning gardeners as it is both pest and disease-resistant.

How to grow Tiarella plants
Plant in any well-draining yet moist soil that receives partial to full sun. Water well for the first month until the plant is established, then only water until the soil is moist but not wet to the touch. Remove faded blooms regularly to prolong flowering and encourage new growth. Once flower stems are spent in the autumn, cut them back to ground level and apply a dry mulch around the plant's crown to protect the roots from the first frosts.

Are Tiarella plants toxic?
No, Tiarella plants are not toxic to either children or animals.

Are Tiarella evergreen?
Yes, the foliage of the Tiarella is evergreen and will provide colour to your garden year-round.
This TIARELLA wherryi comes in a 9cm Pot