TROLLIUS europaeus Perennial Plant


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A moisture-loving bright yellowperennial bearing bright bowl-shaped flowers that come in orange, yellow and purple varieties, the Trollius is a popular plant addition to formal garden beds or borders. It makes a beautiful part of a wild garden. Sometimes called a 'globeflower', Trollius is a herbaceous perennial that produces clumps of lobed leaves with erect stems topped with bowl-shaped flowers. Native to Northern Hemisphere but with a concentration in Asia, they have adapted to thrive in heavy clay soils and tolerate harsher conditions than most plants.

How to grow Trollius
Plant is a sunny spot that receives shade at midday in wet clay or loam soil Water so that soil stays damp and do not allow it to dry out. Cut back hard after flowering and apply a balanced liquid fertiliser to encourage further growth in the middle of spring.

Is Trollius toxic?
Trollius are not toxic to humans but are dangerous for cattle, dogs and cats.

This TROLLIUS europaeus comes in a 9cm Pot