Tulbaghia Purple Eye 2ltr


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The Tulbaghia is a species of bulbous clump forming perennials that closely resemble an Agapanthus. They produce tall stems and loose clusters if of flowers that are beautifully complemented by grey-green foliage throughout summer and autumn. The Foliage has a strong garlic fragrance that helps to deter some harmful insects from the space. They are best suited as container plants within cottage and wildlife gardens although hardy varieties will cope when in flower beds and borders.

Where to grow Tulbaghia plants

Plant in a well-drained loam or sand soil that receives full sun throughout the day.

How to grow Tulbaghia plants

Rainwater should be enough to keep your Tulbaghia plant watered enough. You will only need to water your plant in periods of low rainfall or hot weather, when you do so, water only enough to keep the soil moist, but not wet. Deadhead spent flowers regularly to encourage new growth, and prune faded foliage to keep the plant looking neat. In mid-November and apply a generous layer of mulch to the base of the plant to help reduce the effect of frost on the roots.

Tulbaghia Purple Eye 2ltr Perennial Plants