Uncinia Everflame 2ltr


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An attractive and understated plant that brings a contemporary look into your space, the uncinia produces a mound of evergreen leaves striped with shades of colour that will bring colour and texture to your garden year-round to your garden year-round.

Where to grow Unciniaplants

Plant in a well-drained loam or sand soil that receives full sun throughout the day.

How to grow Unciniaplants

Rainwater should be enough to keep your Unciniaplant watered enough. You will only need to water your plant in periods of low rainfall or hot weather, when you do so, water only enough to keep the soil moist, but not wet. Deadhead and prune faded foliage to keep the plant looking neat. In mid-November and apply a generous layer of mulch to the base of the plant to help reduce the effect of frost on the roots.

What is a perennial plant?

Unlike annuals, which only live for one season, perennial plants are a long-term solution to colour in your garden that will come back year after year. Typically, a perennial will only bloom for one season of the year, however there are long-blooming perennials. If grown in the right conditions and treated well a perennial can live between three and five years. For a garden that has colour all round you should plant a mix of annuals and perennials that bloom in different seasons.

Uncinia Everflame 2ltr Perennial Plants