Verbena Rigida 3ltr


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Producing clusters of small delicate flowers on top of tall stems the verbena brings height and colour into the garden in a way that accents your space instead of overwhelming it. This fast-growing perennial will flower from June to September and then die back below the ground. The verbena is a tall plant that looks best at the back of a border where its strong stems will support other plants. The long slender stems of this verbena support clusters of small, delicate blue flowers that attract both pollinators and birds into your garden.

Where should I plant my Verbena plant

Plant in any well-draining soil in a sunny location protected from strong, cold winds. Thoroughly water once a week, making sure to keep the soil moist but not soggy. If the stems begin to wilt or brown you are overwatering.

How do I prepare verbena for the winter?

Your verbena will not survive a harsh winter without a bit of help. Keeping the crown and top of the roots free from frost is important, so mulch with well-rotted manure or a covering of straw in the autumn to keep them protected. It can also help to keep the dead plant stalks intact through the winter to add some late-year interest and more protection for your plant.

Should I fertilize my verbena?

Your verbena doesn't require much feeding. Apply a small amount of slow-release fertilizer in the early spring, after you have finished trimming the plant.

When should I prune my verbena?

At the end of the flowering season, the plant stalks will die, but it is best to leave them intact throughout the winter as they help protect the plant through the colder months. Prune back to ground level in early spring. When blooms begin to brown or when new ones stop forming, trim the plant back by a quarter of its height to encourage new growth throughout the summer. Always water and lightly fertilize when trimming back.

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