Yellow Pear Tomato Organic 5 x 3cm Vegetable Plug Plants


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One of the most popular vegetables in the country, the tomato is a versatile food that can be used in a salad, sauce or even bread. These beautiful tall plants will produce a thick bush of green leaves which produce star shaped yellow flowers that will drop off to reveal bunches of beautiful fruit. With a tart, but slightly sweet taste, the tomato is one of the most reliable vegetables to grow at home since it has so many uses.

How to grow tomatoes at home

You can grow tomatoes in the ground or in containers. If using a container, the bigger the better, as the plant will grow to the size of the container it is in. Choose a sunny location that is protected from strong winds. Make sure your soil is full of nutrients and is well-draining. Once established you will need to water regularly to keep the soil damp, but not wet. Feed weekly with a tomato feed mixed in with the water. As your tomato grows, tie it to a support or stake to aid in it's growth. When growing tall tomatoes, you will need to remove any side shoots to promote more fruit growth. When the first fruits appear, remove the leaves underneath to allow better light and air circulation. Once fruits appear water and feed more often to produce healthier fruit.

How do I harvest tomatoes?

Leave your tomatoes on the plant until they are full ripened, and then cut off the whole truss at the stem when ready to eat.

How to store tomatoes

Tomatoes are best eaten right off the vine. They don't freeze well, but will keep in the fridge for a few days.

Yellow Pear Tomato Organic 5 x 3cm Vegetable Plug Plants Vegetables