Zebra Plant

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Unique foliage | pet-friendly | blooms yellow cone-shaped flowers

Fits 19cm pot | Approximate height on arrival 30cm

Aphelandra squarrosa - also known as the Zebra plant is famed, and easily recognisable, for its large shiny leaves and dark green foliage deeply veined with white or yellow stripes which are reminiscent of a zebra - hence the common name!

It's just a stunning plant to look at. And, if you're lucky enough to see your Zebra plant bloom, its brightly coloured yellow flowers and bracts make for a beautiful display.

As you know at Lazy Flora, we love some easy care! And you'll be pleased to hear that Zebra Plant is no exception. It doesn't get too stressed out by a dark British winter, providing it is indoors. Keep it around 15 degrees Celcius and your plant will fall into winter dormancy. All you'll need to do is reduce watering. In the spring, it will start to grow again, and if you're lucky, it will bloom. After flowering, cut back your plants to allow new growth to come through!

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