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Our mission is to make gardening hassle-free for anyone who loves plants, regardless of lifestyle or available space.

My name’s Claire and I’m the founder of Lazy Flora and I’m here to tell you a little bit about how it all started.

Until I was 18, I lived in the country. My parents were avid gardeners and were keen to share their passion with their kids. They encouraged me and my sister to choose and plant seeds in our own little patch of garden.

After I left home, I lived exclusively in city flats with no outdoor space, but always craved my own little outdoor area where I could have a few choice plants. Finally, in 2014, I moved to an apartment with an amazing balcony. I could finally have my outdoor oasis!

And yet, once I got there, I began to realise how difficult it was to find the right plants for my balcony. I didn’t have a car, so getting to and from a garden centre was a challenge. Once I did brave the traffic to get there, often the selection of plants was poor (big superstores), or they were supremely expensive (smaller boutique stores).

I mentioned these challenges to some of my friends, who emphatically agreed. We found that we were working so hard during the week, and were so exhausted at weekends, that we just didn’t have the inclination to jump all the hurdles required to make their outdoor space look amazing.

I knew me and my friends weren’t alone in our struggle. There had to be a way to solve this problem for so many people. I sketched out what my ideal garden delivery service would look like, and in February 2017, Lazy Flora was born.

My aim in building Lazy Flora is to create something that inspires people. It’s about joy, and making beauty and nature more accessible. I’m not out to become a millionaire or an overnight success. I care about stunning, high quality products, and amazing customer service. These values are at the very heart of this company.

Even though Lazy Flora is a very new company, there are already lots of people working behind the scenes to bring you an offering that I’m so proud of and so excited to share with you.

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Lazy Flora Founder.

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