Delivery Calendar

Lazy Flora Christmas plant collections

We are so excited to now be accepting orders for our beautiful Christmas plant collections!

We usually release a new Lazy Flora plant collection design once a month. However, in November, we were very excited to also release our first ever collection of indoor plants. Check out our Excellent Echeveria succulent plant collections. Check out our Excellent Echeveria succulent plant collections. 

The design and content of Lazy Flora boxes is different every month, so that we can be sure we're bringing you the best that the season has to offer. Mother Nature waits for nobody, so we work with her rather and react to your orders to deliver amazing plants every single month. To see a list of the plants included in each of our previous deliveries, click here.

In the pipeline

We are working hard to bring you more frequent deliveries and more varied product types, and will keep you posted via our mailing list and on social media as soon as we're able to do this. In the meantime, please be gentle with us! We're an early-stage startup with a big heart and an ambition to make Lazy Flora into something really wonderful. We care about every single one of our customers and are working day and night, weekends and holidays, to bring you the best version of Lazy Flora that we possibly can.