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Lazy Flora edible plug plants

28 April 2020
Welcome to the first ever plug plant box from Lazy Flora

A huge thank you for your patience in waiting for your first ever box of Lazy Flora edible plants to arrive, we really appreciate this at what is already a challenging time. I wanted to share a bit of insight about why we've needed to send our edible boxes later than planned.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, our growers are facing really significant challenges for their businesses. We want to support them however we can, and work with them as best we can. Unfortunately, it's been exceptionally difficult for our plug plant growers to tell us exactly what they're sending us, and when. They are shorthanded, overwhelmed by sudden demand, and have seen a large portion of their business vanish overnight. It will take time for them to rebuild and establish what their new normal is.

In future, we're hoping to bring you a beautiful printed leaflet listing all the types of plant you could be receiving, but this time, and possibly also for the next few months, I'm really sorry that we won't be able to guarantee that we'll have covered everything by the time this accompanying booklet goes to print. If there are plants in your collection that you don't see in this leaflet, the information available at the link at the top of this page should fill in the gaps.

Once the world gets back to something that resembles normal, it will be much easier for us to tell you which plants we're sending, both in your delivery box and ahead of time.

Lazy Flora Founder