Petal points

Earn petal points with every purchase, every referral.

We are a small business and we want you to love what we do as much as we do. This is our way of giving back to you as much added value and love as we possibly can.

How it works

Earn petal points

There are so many actions that you will take anyway, you may as well be rewarded for things like: sharing on social media, signing up for our mailing list, buying plants, telling your friends about us.

Redeem petal points

Get money off vouchers or free shipping on your next order.

How to earn petal points

🌺Follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Like us on Facebook = 100 points
🌺Share about us on Facebook = 200 points
🌺Sign up to our mailing list = 200 points
🌺Celebrate a birthday = 200 points
🌺Earn 2 petals for every £1 spent. (For example, if you're a subscriber to our indoor plant subscription and spend £33/month, after 6 months that's already 396 petals.)
🌺Refer a friend = 500 points

How to join petal points

If you're on mobile, tap the button below and a popup window like the one in the picture will appear. If you're on desktop, a window will appear in the bottom right of your screen. Add your email address, tell us a bit about yourself and you'll be up and running in approximately 60 seconds.

Some housekeeping

Old petal points
We've recently revamped our petal points rewards, and we've added more ways for you to earn petal points in higher quanties and more easily than ever before.

Any petal points that you earned up to 29 March 2022 will be valid until 28 March 2023, so you have a full year to redeem them, even if you just got them. The value of petal points hasn't changed; it's just the rewards we've revamped. If you have any questions at all, please contact our customer service team on

Referring a friend
On 29 March 2022, we changed our customer referrals provider and no longer offer 50% off subscriptions for you and a friend. However, we will honour any referrals you make or that your friends redeem on this scheme until 28 March 2023. If you have any difficulties redeeming a referral code, please contact our customer service team on

Fraudulent use
Petal points are intended to reward our most loyal and trusted customers.

Very occasionally, we experience cases where someone tries to circumvent the system, or sign up for lots of rewards for themselves using multiple different email addresses that are all owned by the same user. We have sophisticated fraud detection in place, not to mention a team who is fiercely protective of our small and mighty business, we don't like it when this happens. If we suspect you are using petal points in a way we judge to be fraudulent or not in the spirit in which they are intended, your petal points account will be deleted and you will lose all the associated benefits. Petal points have no monetary value and this is a discretionary benefit for our valued customers.

Join our plant family and earn 200 petal points

To instantly earn 200 petal points, as well as receive special offers, free giveaways, and info for building your plant oasis, simply enter your email address below. (Don't forget to sign up to earn petal points first though.)