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The ribbon like leaves of this air-purifying indoor plant fan out in all directions to create a vibrant display of leaves that will become a focal point in any room. These tall house plants are known for their distinctive striped leaves that often display contrasting shades of green Easy to look after and hard to kill, these tropical plants are native to Africa and Southern Asia and will bring much needed colour and height to your home decor. But it won't just increase the aesthetics of your room - the air-purifying leaves of this Dracaena will also increase its atmosphere by removing toxins from the air which will help to improve all round wellbeing.

You should place your Dracaena in a space that receives indirect sunlight. Too much direct light can burn the leaves whilst not enough light will result in pale leaves, slow growth, and small new leaves mean it's not getting enough light. You should water your plant when the top half of the soil is dry. Once the soil is dry enough water the plant lightly until the soil is moist to the touch and has begun to drip out of the drainage holes in the pot. As a tropical plant, the Dracaena thrives in a humid environment. This makes the Dracaena an ideal plant for a bathroom or kitchen. If the plant is not in one of these locations, you will find that the leaves are healthier and more vibrant If your regularly mist them. This plant likes to be fed every two weeks in the spring and summer with a well-balanced plant food at half the recommended strength. No food is necessary during the winter when plant growth naturally slows. Always make sure the soil is damp before applying any fertilizer.

More about your Dracaena plant

These upright shrubs are native to Africa and Southern Asia and are an easy-care houseplant These tree-like plants come in a variety of sizes and some varieties can grow up to 10 feet tall The key to a happy Dracaena is keeping the soil moist at all time If you find the leaves of your plant drooping or going yellow, then you are overwatering or need to improve the drainage of your soil During the spring you should consider fertilizing every two weeks Reduce to once a month in the autumn and stop feeding during the winter This will replicate the plants natural cycle, allowing it to go dormant in the winter, and giving you better and more uniform growth

How much sunlight does my Dracaena need?

Your Dracaena will do best in bright light that has been filtered through a curtain or in a semi shaded position Avoid placing your plant in direct sunlight as this may scorch the leaves

Can I water my Dracaena with tap water?

You can, but these plants can be choosy when it comes to salts and minerals In their soil They are also not fans of fluoride, so if you can we would advise watering with filtered or rainwater to get the best results

  • Our plants are provided in a plastic nursery pot. Any decorative pots or props are not included.
  • This plant is not for consumption

40 - 50cm Dracaena Gold Coast 17cm Pot House Plant House Plant