Hassle free gardening joy for everyone

Your indoor plant subscription includes

From £24

One beautiful houseplant

We send one beautiful, top quality houseplant every month. We curate a mix of luscious leaves, fantastic foliage, as well as the occasional flowering plant.

Your home will start to feel like a jungle in no time.

Optional planter

Our planters are a real Thing! We go the extra mile to find a beautiful selection of high quality and unique planters that partner perfectly with the plants we send you.

Pet friendly option

We are pet people here. Choose our 'pet friendly' option if you share your home with curious furbabies.*

*We also love it when you share your pics with us!

Plant and care guides

You don't have to know what you're doing - we take all the guesswork out of the equation.

FREE courier delivery within the mainland UK

We deliver all our plants with DPD, who have a first-time delivery success rate of over 99%. All deliveries are contactless and trackable.*

*While we're sure they're very nice, we can't guarantee that all our couriers are quite as adorable as our lovely colleague Ally here.

FREE gloves

Our subscribers are our absolute favourite people, so we like to treat you well. You'll find a free gift in your subscription delivery every month. For April, we're sending all our subscribers FREE gloves.

You should always wear gloves when handling plants and soil, so these are perfect for repotting any plants that are about to outgrow their pots this spring.

Indoor plant subscription, free gloves


Every Subscriber receives
🌱 One beautiful, premium quality houseplant every month
🌱 Pot diameter is 9-15cm and plants are up to 40cm high
🌱 Lazy Flora plant care guide
🌱 30 day plant guarantee
🌱 FREE courier delivery within the UK mainland

Luxury Plants for your Indoor Space

Our Luxury collections are designed for budding plant enthusiasts, who are looking for plants that are a little more striking and unusual.

The plants in this collection are generally a bit of a challenge for us to source, and might not be so familiar to you - or you might have heard of them, but perhaps not have been able to find one elsewhere. You don't have to be a plant expert to enjoy this collection!

Pet friendly indoor plants

We care deeply about your furry friends and know plant ownership with pets can be a challenge.

Our pet-friendly plants are non-toxic to dogs and cats, according to the ASPCA.

30-day plant guarantee

We’re so confident in the quality of our plants that we will replace or refund any plants that don’t make it past the first 30 days in your home.

Recycled and recyclable

We ship all our plants in packaging that is 100% recycled and recyclable. All our indoor plants are shipped plastic free. We always aim to work with growers with excellent sustainability credentials.

Best in class delivery

Shipping plants by post is hard. Plants are fragile, they require controlled atmospheric conditions. We transport all our plants by 24-hour courier with our delivery partner, DPD. Over 99% of our parcels are successfully delivered on the first attempt, no signature needed.

My personal guarantee to you

My name is Claire, and I'm the founder of Lazy Flora. As a lover of beauty and nature, and a huge fan of subscription boxes, I started this business from my balcony in 2017.

Lazy Flora is run by a team who are immensely proud of what we are building. We all want you to love what we do as much as we do. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your Lazy Flora delivery, please let us know and we will always make it right. You can email us any time on help@lazyflora.com.

Indoor plants FAQs

When will I get my first delivery?

We deliver your plants as soon as you sign up and usually need just 48 hours to ship your order to you. Delivery days are Tuesday-Thursday, or Wednesday-Thursday on bank holiday weeks.

Check our shipping schedule to see when your future deliveries will be sent to you.

Is there a guarantee on the plants?

Yes! We're so confident in the quality of our plants that we will replace or refund any plants that don't make it past the first 30 days in your home.

Can I pause my subscription or skip a month?

Yes. You can use your Lazy Flora account to skip a month if you are planning to be away, or drop us a line at help@lazyflora.com if you prefer a different delivery date to the one listed.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver across the UK and use DPD as our preferred carrier.

How long will the plants last?

Lazy Flora Indoor plant collections are designed to last for up over 6 months.

Are the plants easy to look after?

At Lazy Flora we want to make gardening as easy as possible for you while still delivering beautiful and noteworthy plants. The majority of our plants are more on the low-maintenance side which helps if you’re super busy and don’t have much time. Some of our plants will require more attention than others, but we will always give you a detailed care guide so you know exactly how to care for each one.

I have a reputation for killing plants. Is Lazy Flora for me?

Lazy Flora is great for complete beginners, as well as those looking to improve their gardening skills, and the gardening novice. It’s also great for those with more advanced plant knowledge, but who are short of time, or who find it hard to get to a garden centre.

We prepare plant care guides for every single plant we send out, and planting up guides, which describe what conditions the plant best thrives in and also covers watering, humidity, flowering, etc. You might have a specific question about your plant and we have a team of gardening gurus on hand ready to help. We also have lots of blog posts about the plants we send to you and other information that you might find useful on our website.

Are your plants pet-friendly?

Yes - just ensure you pick our pet-friendly Indoor plant subscription.

Where are your plants grown?

We source the majority of our plants from The Netherlands and the UK.

Indoor plant subscription, free gloves